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How Wolf Pack Relations Changed the Course of My Career


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How Wolf Pack Relations Changed the Course of My Career

Lauren Blackwell


By Morgan Dixon


As a journalism major, I always felt like I was the black sheep of my classmates. I wasn’t as interested or actively involved in the subject, like everyone else was. My face didn’t light up when I did the best work for a client, and I dreaded having to write stories about other people. But I stuck it out until the end, my last semester.


This is when I signed up to take Wolf Pack Relations. I was working with a group of other young professionals all with different skill sets, and I finally saw the importance in mine. I was more interested in graphic design than I was journalism, and being a part of Wolf Pack Relations gave me a reason to use these skills.


What has Wolf Pack Relations done for me?


It Gave Me a Place to Connect with Professionals Like Myself

Wolf Pack Relations is one big group of professionals with different skill sets all working together. In this course, we quickly became friends and worked together to get the job done. It took away any feelings of being an outcast that I previously had. I quickly realized that we’re all in this together, and the connections we make will last much longer than the class.


It Gave Me Hands On Experience with Real Clients

We are set up with clients in the beginning and work for them for the remainder of the semester This gives you the opportunity to do the same work you’ll be doing after graduation. But instead of having the pressure of doing it for a job, this is a class. You have the understanding from your clients that although you are young professionals who know what you’re doing, you are also still learning. And that’s the best feeling ever, because you’re in this together with your client.


It’s a Great Place to Build Your Portfolio

If you’re anything like me, you waited until your last year of college to improve your portfolio. This doesn’t become stressful until you realize every job you apply for is going to want to see your portfolio. But being involved with Wolf Pack Relations has lowered that stress. I do work, that is technically homework that I can add to my portfolio. Since the work I’m doing is for professionals, it is the biggest piece of work that will stand out. It’s a great feeling knowing that the work I do will be a professional part of my portfolio.


Being a part of Wolf Pack Relations is one of my greatest experiences at UNR.