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College Mentors are the Fairy Godmothers of Your Career


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College Mentors are the Fairy Godmothers of Your Career

Lauren Blackwell

College mentors are something that everyone should be taking advantage of.


When starting college no one really discusses mentors. And then all of a sudden you are a senior, trying to figure out your future and the mentor craze has hit you… What better way to get a grasp of what your future holds then from someone who has already walked in your shoes and made it to the big leagues.  

Whether you made a connection, or were assigned someone to help guide your way, seriously appreciate them. In most people’s case your mentor barely knows you, and they are willing to dedicate time to better YOUR future.

How much better can it get?


Willing to help you for nothing in return

All your mentor wants is for you to smile...and succeed. So, put on your happy face and go meet them for coffee ASAP. Mentors are people who have been in your shoes and know the ropes of the path you have chosen. It also is amazing to be able to rant to someone about your goals and struggles, other than your parents.These nice people want to help you in all possible ways.


Mentors are your IRL personal Linkedin

Connections, connections, connections! Your mentor already knows so many people that are affiliated within your line of work. Therefor, they are willing to help connect and reach out to all their current/previous colleagues so you can get ahead in the world. If you are in your last segment of college, networking has really become critical. Your mentor knows the best events to attend to meet the people you want in your circle. Connections are extremely important, and making them just got ten times better with your fairy godmother helping to grant your wishes.   


Secret ways to learning the business

Mentor is defined as a “wise advisor,” so what better person to advise you on your future. Most mentors have been in the business for multiple years, giving them lots of knowledge to un-load on their mentee. Those questions that you always wanted someone to answer. How hard is it to graduate and get a job you actually enjoy? How long until I am no longer the coffee fetching intern that no one knows the name of? Do not worry, your mentor is here for you. They can tell you what business places are good to work for, and how to work your way up on the ladder.  Also, when they do not know the answer they will hunt until they find it, or someone who does know.


If you don’t have a mentor yet, it is never too late.