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4 Reasons I Joined WPR

Lauren Blackwell

By Markelor Berthoumieux

PR is everywhere:

I knew even though I wasn’t going to pursue a career in Public Relations the skills and tools I’d learning will definitely be put to use. Any and every field or business has to deal with PR in some form, whether it’s to rebrand itself, improve relations with customers or clients, or remain on top.

The different skills:

a lot goes in to the actually work a PR firm does. From the tech people, social media, writing and most importantly explaining what your doing and why. All the working parts and the different skills needed to do a good job depend on each other. I quickly learned there were many opportunities for me to expand my skill set.

The Connections:

Every person in the class brings something different to the table and connecting with these driven people will last longer then you expect. Also the clients I have connected with have exposed me to different approaches others take with their business and why. I knew the more clients I worked with the more connections I would have in different fields.

Teachers in the J school:

A simple email from a professor I respected got me to apply. The staff at the J school at UNR recognizes their ability to improve their student’s education. Thanks to Alison Gaulden just saying “this could be good for you” got me to challenge myself academically and explore a new field could use to succeed.