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Never (Ever) Give Up

Lauren Blackwell

By: Morgan Dixon

One of the most important things I’ve learned as graduation comes closer is to never give up. I’ve had so many doors close on me these past few months that I felt myself start to lose hope. I was so stressed I thought I would cry at the drop of a pen. It was making me feel very negative about such a positive time of my life.


1.     Know that bad days are lessons learned

It’s a simple truth that you are going to have bad days. It’s YOUR choice of how you want to handle said bad day. You can let it get to you, or you can let it improve you. This past semester has been the hardest semester I’ve ever been through, and I’m not talking class wise. This semester I lost a friend, found out my grandpa’s life doesn’t have much left to it, and saw my boyfriend lose his grandpa. With so much on my plate, I still managed to work full time and pass all five of my classes. I owe it all to letting myself go with the flow and let the bad days make me better.


2.     Know that hard work pays off

I work full time and go to school full time and it’s all worth it. There are many times where my days are so packed with homework, work and school that I feel like I could pull all my hair out, but I don’t. Because it all pays off. I’ve had moments where I’ve been so stressed that I didn’t know what to do with myself but I got through it. And it’s helped me more than hurt me. Now I can say that I am good with time management, I work hard, and I can multitask. And those are all things you I won’t learn in school. They just might be more important than anything I will learn in school.


3.     Know that closed doors mean new opportunities

I believe in the magic of timing and that everything happens for a reason. At the beginning of the semester I didn’t get the job I interviewed for and wanted so bad. And I thought it was the end of the world, for a week. I started my last semester a week after finding out I didn’t get the job, and it all made sense. I had way too much homework to have been able to work at that job. And I knew that it wasn’t meant to be because the world was protecting me from getting in over my head. And now I have a few interviews lined up for better jobs, and everything has worked itself out.


Things don’t come easy in life. You have to work extremely hard to get what you want. You also have to be able getting told no the first few times, and take it like a grain of salt. It’s hard, but it’s oh so worth it in the end.