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How to Create your Perfect Instagram

Lauren Blackwell

Let’s face it, Instagram is not what it used to be. Most people don’t post memes or random challenges anymore. Nowadays it’s all about your theme. When you hear the word “aesthetic” or “theme” don’t immediately go to the sandy bikini pictures in the Maldives and stress yourself out because you’re just in college and can’t even afford a movie ticket, lean more towards the idea of constancy.

As much as people don’t want to admit it, you are your social media. Despite there being more behind the pictures and posts, this is your business card. How you promote yourself, is how others are going to perceive you. Your theme is pretty much the personality but more put together, hopefully.

1.      The first basic step is to find style. Whatever you like try to incorporate it in an aesthetically pleasing way. Think okay, what is my personal style? Think of it like what do I wear? Am I grungy, girly, or boho. Then you can pick key colors that fit that style. If you like neutrals, you can stick with a black and white theme or key colors that you like. I personally love pastel colors, so my theme consists of soft pinks, creamy whites, and pale muted colors. I still like for my feed to be vibrant, light and welcoming.

2.      You can get great quality photos with your phone. You don’t need a fancy DSLR camera and ring lights when you have everything in your pocket. Natural lighting is your friend so go outside or get in front of your window and start snapping.

3.       This one is more advanced and is definitely not needed but adds some amazing interest to your Instagram. Your layout can add interesting dimension to the overall look and theme. Some layouts are diagonal, tiles, and line by line. Here is a great article to teach you how to have an amazing layout.

4.      If you like to edit your photos, stick with the same filter or presets. This is so important because if you use different filters and presets for all of your photos there will essentially be no consistency of actual theme on your Instagram. If everything looks different, then it isn’t a theme

5.      These next two tips are so simple but some of the most important. Always crop your photos the same way, whether it be square, rectangular or the crisp white border, keep it consistent. The same thing goes for the color. Keep the same 2-3 colors in your pictures to really make your feed look cohesive. This goes hand and hand with tip 4. This is because if there is no consistency to your theme, then you have no theme. Plain and simple.

6.      Lastly, is to know when to post what picture. At this point you have an idea of what you want your theme to look like, what colors you want to incorporate and ways to filter and crop your pictures. Now you need to decide which picture to post and when to post it. This isn’t when to post it to get the most likes, but where to place it. SO, if you have multiple photos that were taken in the same outfit that you want to post, spread them out so it looks more balanced. Save your pictures and reincorporate the ones you have not posted yet.

Take your time to create what you truly love. Inspire others and be inspired. I hope these tips and tricks helped you find a way to make your perfect Instagram feed.

Happy posting!