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David LaPlante


David Laplante

Lunch Keynote Speaker

Twitter: @davidlaplante

David LaPlante is CMO at PropertyRadar where he leads its mission to make targeted local marketing easy for small business.

David arrived in Reno/Lake Tahoe in 1988 when he was recruited to the University of Nevada ski team. While at college, David managed to earn degrees in Finance and Economics despite blowing all of his student loans on computers and climbing gear.

In 2008, UNR bestowed a Lifetime Professional Achievement Award on David, likely for being the only student to purchase a meal plan five years in a row. UNR might take the award back as David aims to take every opportunity, including this speaker bio, to criticize his alma mater for de-funding its ski team. 

David brings nearly 30 years of war stories from leading efforts to blend marketing, technology, and behavioral science into growth strategies for brands. It's AMC's Mad Men meets HBO's Silicon Valley set in Comedy Central's Reno 911 narrated by a ski bum.