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Sustainable Marketing Breakout Session

Diane Martin’s (PhD Utah, 2001) academic research employs ethnographic methods in examining relationships between consumers, communities and culture. Her previous work as a small-business owner has prompted her to study entrepreneurship and market creation. Most recently, Diane’s lifelong passion for the natural environment and the Earth’s wild places has led her to reexamine marketing in the context of the urgent need for sustainable practices in both business and consumer behavior. In her recent textbook, Sustainable Marketing, Diane brings her keen sense for the power of marketing to the problem of how to remain competitive while restoring the Earth’s natural capital and creating greater wellbeing for a global population. Her JCR paper “Consumption-Driven Market Emergence” (Martin & Schouten, 2014) won the 2016 Gerald E. Hills Best Paper Award for its significant impact on the marketing/ entrepreneurship interface research. She is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum. Her scholarship is published in numerous journals in marketing and communication, including Consumption, Markets and Culture, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Macromarketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Applied Communication Research, and Journal of Consumer Research.