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Member Benefits


Member Benefits


Local Benefits

Bateman: Be a part of PRSSA Nevada's Bateman team and compete in the PRSSA National Case Study Competition. 

Activities: PRSSA Nevada offers its members the opportunity to go on agency tours, mix with professionals in the community, and attend workshops that help them further their education.

Mentors: Every member of PRSSA Nevada gets the opportunity to pair with a mentor from the PRSA Sierra Nevada chapter to help them gain connections in the local PR community.  

Wolf Pack Relations: PRSSA Nevada members can apply to be a part of the student-run firm to get real-world experience by running and working in a public relations agency.

National Benefits

Scholarships: PRSSA members have the opportunity to apply for exclusive national scholarships through PRSSA National.

Awards: Every year, PRSSA Nevada and individual members apply for awards through PRSSA National to recognize them for their hard work and dedication to furthering the public relations industry.

Nationals: PRSSA National holds a conference every year, and PRSSA Nevada members can attend and learn from other PRSSA chapters and professionals from across the country.

Networking: Being a part of PRSSA allows students to network not only with professionals and other students in Reno, but also with PRSSA students and professionals all around the United States.


Interested in becoming a member?

PRSSA Nevada recruits once a semester. $65 cash/check made out to Board of Regents is due to the RSJ Dean's Office by February 12 for the Spring 2016 semester. Membership is good for one year. Click Here to join Wolf Pack Relations!

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