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PRSSA Election 2017

PRSSA Election 2017


It's that time of year...

We have a PRSSA Nevada election coming up next Thursday, April 20th at 5:30 p.m. in the RSJ Reading room! If you don't plan on running for a position, we still need you to vote. Please try your best to make it to the meeting!  

A few notes on elections-- You must be a current member to apply for a position and/or vote. All positions are open to our entire membership. If you would like to run for a position, please send your resume to and fill out the Google form by Wednesday, April 19th at 5 Wednesday, April 19th at 5 p.m. We also ask that you prepare to give a one to two-minute speech of why you would do well in the position you are running for. We encourage you to reach out to current executive board members to ask questions about the positions you may be interested in.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the election process or any of the available positions! Send your questions to 

Position Descriptions

All Executive Board members:

  • Keep in constant and open contact between all E-board members and the Faculty adviser.
  • Attend all PRSSA meetings and events. (Both E-board and member meetings.)
  • Represent PRSSA at campus activities
  • Represent PRSSA in classes
  • Work together as a team; stepping in where needed
  • Make PRSSA a priority, take ownership within leadership roles and be accountable
  • Motivate other members on the E-board through enthusiasm about PRSSA and the profession
  • Become familiar with PRSSA Nevada constitution, bylaws, and procedures.

President –

  • Sets the direction for both semester-long and year-long goals, objectives, plans, and programs for the benefit of the chapter with the consultation of the E-board and the faculty adviser.
  • Presides at and oversees all member and E-board meetings
  • Directs overall operations of the chapter by ensuring open and continuous lines of communications between the E-board
  • Appoints committees and advises chairpersons
  • Distributes agenda to E-board members and faculty adviser before each meeting
  • Serves as the liaison between National PRSSA and PRSSA Nevada
  • Ensures that dues are paid to National PRSSA Headquarters by the deadlines of November 1st and March 1st
  • Reviews and/or updates job descriptions at the end of Spring semester
  • Coordinates and disseminates information about PRSA New Professionals and Associate Membership for graduating PRSSA members with the help of the faculty adviser and/or PRSA Sierra Nevada VP of Student Relations

Vice President – 

  • Performs presidential duties if the president is absent or unable to perform his/her duties.
  • Becomes president if the current president graduates, resigns, or is removed from office
  • Handles arrangements of meetings, i.e. meeting rooms and times
  • Assists the president in organizing committees
  • Builds a lasting relationship with National PRSSA
  • Maintain the chapter’s relevance through National recognition (i.e. chapter awards, National scholarships, PRSSA blog placements and working with the national committee)
  • Applies for awards from ASUN and PRSSA Nationals
  • Precedes over the High School Outreach Program committee and is the main contact between the chapter and the high school.

Treasurer – 

  • Collects membership dues each semester, keeps records and documents members’ statuses.
  • Creates the yearly budget with the help of the president, vice president, and the faculty adviser per ASUN requirements and attends ASUN budget hearings.
  • Works closely with the VP of fundraising to assist with the financing of PRSSA activities.
  • Processes payment of expenses, reimbursements and all revenue generation.
  • Provides budget updates at each E-board meeting.
  • Takes minutes at each Executive board meeting and distributes to the EBoard and faculty adviser within a week.

Vice President of Programming – 

  • Schedules out all PRSSA guest lecturers, workshops, and events for the semester with the guidance of the E-board.
  • Coordinates PRSSA professional tours, collaborates with other university organizations for events.
  • Works with VP of PR to publicize events on and off campus.
  • Responsible for the creation of PRSSA fliers and other marketing materials.
  • Serves as distribution manager of all marketing materials.
  • Maintains PRSSA Nevada display board on second floor of RSJ.

Vice President of Membership – 

  • Responsible for providing information on PRSSA to new and potential members.
  • Manages recruitment drive, including month-long outreach with the help of the E-board.
  • Gathers info, contributes content and distributes membership e-newsletter, distributed to members and RSJ faculty.
  • Helps to foster culture and community in the chapter.
  • Liaison between PRSA Sierra Nevada and PRSSA Nevada.
  • Coordinates and maintains the mentorship program with PRSA Sierra Nevada VP of Student Relations.
  • Provides tips and guidance for students to demonstrate professionalism and brand reputation with PRSA Sierra Nevada and the community at large.

Vice President of Fundraising – 

  • Works with the president, faculty adviser, and treasurer to evaluate PRSSA’s financial needs and goals.
  • Coordinates and executes all fundraising events
  • Manages fundraising committee
  • Maintains potential sponsor spreadsheet
  • Updates and distributes standard sponsor letter request
  • Completes annual PRSA Sierra Nevada grant application for funding, per guidelines
  • Maintains close contact with the PRSA community for fundraising opportunities (i.e., PR work, manning PRSA events for a donation, etc.)

Vice President of Public Relations – 

  • Craft Social Media plan for each semester,
  • Maintain PRSSA Nevada social media and website
  • Publicizes fliers for all meetings and events with Vice President of Programming
  • Maintains media relations, both on and off campus, with the help of the Vice President by pitching stories to the ASUN media and PRSSA publications; shares releases with PRSA VP of Student Relations.
  • Live tweet appropriate events. (Lectures, workshops, etc.)
  • Coordinates tabling for membership, fundraising, announcements with other chairs.
  • Organize classroom announcements for the promotion of PRSSA and its events.

Vice President of Professional Development – 

  • Liaison between PRSA Sierra Nevada and PRSSA Nevada.
  • Coordinates and maintains the mentorship program with PRSA Sierra Nevada VP of Student Relations.
  • Helps to uncover student needs and interests in professional development.
  • Provides tips and guidance for students to demonstrate professionalism and brand reputation with PRSA Sierra Nevada and the community at large
  •  Works with the VP of programming to develop interactive workshops for members.

Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion – 

  • Leads strategic diversity planning efforts, including assessment, evaluation and accountability
  • Supports and cultivates awareness, appreciation and engagement with diversity and its relevance in both a University environment and a public relations environment.
  • Works with the VP of Programming to plan one (1) diversity event each semester.
  • Works to create strategic partnerships with organizations that promote diversity and inclusion on campus.
  • Works to promote diversity within the chapter and the industry.
  • Mirrors national initiatives to promote diversity.
  • Establishes and discovers philanthropy opportunities on campus and in the wider community.

High School Program Director

  • Developing a committee of PRSSA Nevada members to help with coordinating the program and any other tasks such as activities and mentorship. 
  • Maintain contact between the high school teacher in charge of the initiative and the PRSSA Nevada faculty advisor. 
  • Present biweekly updates to the executive board. 
  • Facilitate the mentorship program between the high school students and PRSSA Nevada members.