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Advice from ​​TravelNevada

On February 28th, we were fortunate enough to have Chief Communications Officer of TravelNevada, Bethany Drysdale, come talk to our club. She discussed the dynamics of a public relations agency division within a company or government agency. She also touched on how projects are determined and delegated out, relationships between colleagues, challenges in the workplace, and the characteristics of a great PR team.

Her advice

How not to burn out:

“Put the work aside and get a beer. Just breathe. Just respecting everyone’s lives. Take a day to be a human and you’ll come back a better employee”

What makes a great team:

"Trust, two way trust is so important. To know your strengths and weakness. Building a team where they compliment each other. Finding people who aren’t shy."

Working with difficult people:

“This is just work. You can go home and be with people you like. Be friends with them as much as you can. Take it as a learning opportunity. I know it’s teaching me skills. If you love what you’re doing, difficult people come and go. Supervisors see a lot than you realize.”

Why do you hire a person:

“If you can be kinda funny and approachable without sounding cheesy, then it’s all interview. I’ve had people with no experience, but they did a good interview. Show you can be a good person to work with, you can teach anyone anything. A variety of experience helps”

Biggest interview tips:

“Being really approachable. I like when people ask me questions, it really does matter. It shows they did research and they care about it being a good fit. Showing some personality, even with the way you dress."

Don’t fence me in. What I means:

"I want to be under the starts. Nevada is 85% public land. The Killers are from Vegas and sang the song for us for free."

Thank you to Bethany for her wisdom and advice. She also gave out some swag to people who were able to answer her fun questions about the state of Nevada.

Vice President Celeste Rodriguez, member Elizabeth Pearson, and Vice President of Programming Kilee Mendiola all won swag from TravelNevada.

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