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High Risk Equals High Reward

By: Bailey Clark

That’s something that’s been engrained in us since day one, and it’s something I’ve recently watched ensue within my own life.

To all my fellow, hard-working students: take the leap. Take the pay cut. Invest in your future now while you have the support because it WILL pay off. I want to share with you my own experience.

When I was 17 years old, I got a job as a hostess at a breakfast restaurant. It was a simple weekend job that paid good wage on top of roughly $50 in tips every day, which was a lot of money for someone who didn’t have to pay their own rent. My coworkers soon turned into family and the regulars of the restaurant turned into friends. I was happy, comfortable and getting by perfectly fine.

Two months into freshman year of college, I got promoted to a server position. Training lasted about a week and I was on my way. The tip money was incredible and I had not once asked my parents for a dime. The continuation of my freshman and sophomore year was spent working on weekends and occasionally random week days when needed.

Fast forward to my junior year. I arrived home from studying abroad in San Sebastian. The life-changing trip catapulted me into a profound chapter of my life and I quickly realized I needed to take the leap, take the pay cut, and get serious about my career.

In the crux of poking around online, I came across Foundry’s website. Foundry is an award-winning, full-service marketing agency that embodied everything I was looking for in a company.

I knew Public Relations was the field that sparked my interest so I made my way to the “Meet the Team” tab and reached out to the PR Director, Jen Eastwood. She promptly responded and asked me to come in to discuss an internship position. I met with her a few months later, got the job, put my head down and worked hard. I put in 20 to 25 hours per week which also served as my internship credit for school.

Nine months down the road and I’ve been offered a full-time position. As an Account Coordinator, I oversee advertising on six different properties, both local and national.

My graduation date is set for May 16 and I start full-time May 20. This would not have been possible if I continued down the comfortable path. Challenge yourself, get out of your box, because high risk, in fact, yields high reward.

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