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#JoinPRSSA - Alana Ridge

Alana Ridge, RSJ 2017 Graduate, now works at the Abbi Agency as the Public Relations Account Coordinator. (Photo Credit: Shelby Wilburn Photography)

Looking back, joining PRSSA at UNR was one of the best decisions I made as a journalism student. Immediately when I joined, I was immersed in the opportunities that were at my disposal - workshops, expert panels, agency tours and one-on-one time with an incredible professional mentor (shout out to Natalie (Savidge) Fry)! All of these opportunities that I hadn't had before were now all of a sudden at my fingertips, all thanks to PRSSA. It was the perfect organization to put what I learned in class into practice in a supportive, helpful student-run environment. 

Naturally, after learning and getting unparalleled hands-on experience with PRSSA, I knew I wanted to help lead the organization and bring even more unique, high-impact programs for our members to take advantage of, so I ran for and was elected to be the Vice President of Programming for the 2016-17 school year. Throughout my term, I was able to learn the ins-and-outs of many different industries, bring varied programs to our members to learn from and cultivate relationships with professionals in the area. I was able to hone in on one of my biggest communications passions - event/program management - and practice my planning skills on a larger scale while developing a skill I had once lacked: organization. Because of PRSSA, I can honestly say I am a passionate, professional public relations coordinator who truly loves what I do - I'm now a Public Relations Account Coordinator for The Abbi Agency, one of the largest and most influential PR agencies in the area.

I honestly don't think there is a better organization on the UNR campus (or any campus, really) that thoroughly prepares aspiring PR professionals for the next level. All of the hands-on programs and mentorship opportunities that are available to students - all that can't be easily matched. I may have graduated from UNR, the J-School and PRSSA in May 2017, but I will continue to hone in on the premier knowledge and skills I learned while in PRSSA and use them in my career, now and forever.

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