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#JoinPRSSA - Daniel Lang

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Daniel Lang is a 2019 RSJ Graduate. Lang gained hands-on Public Relations and Marketing experience while serving as the President for the American Advertising Federation and Journalism Student Council within the Reynold's School of Journalism. PRSSA National's Bateman Competition enhanced Lang's performance as a Public Relations pre-professional and ultimately led him to receive his Certificate in Principles of Public Relations. During his time as a PRSSA Nevada member, Lang was award the Betsy Plank and John D. Graham Scholarships in Aug. 2018. After graduating in Spring 2019, Lang moved to Mongolia to volunteer for the Peace Corps as an English Education and Community Development Volunteer.

Here is what Daniel Lang has to say about how his PRSSA experience applies to his professional career:

"As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I often use the professional development, storytelling and ethics I practiced through PRSSA while an undergrad. In Mongolia now, I teach university English while acknowledging professional language, network to meet my communities, perform needs assessments before implementing strategic projects and, after projects, evaluate to improve future iterations. I even blog at! As an undergrad, I honed my public relations through PRSSA's Bateman Case Study Competition, mentors, national conference and Certificate in the Principles of Public Relations. The PRSA Foundation's national scholarship money served me, too. Imagine how you could grow through an organization like PRSSA!"

Disclaimer: The following blog post does not reflect official views of the Peace Corps nor the US government.

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