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Meet the PRSSA Nevada 2022 Bateman Team

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

The Bateman Case Study Competition is PRSSA’s prestigious national competition for public relations students to put their education to the test. This year students will create and implement a full public relations campaign for the Lymphoma Research Foundation. Alison Gaulden, APR, Fellow PRSA is the faculty advisor, and Jamii Uboldi, APR is the professional advisor for the PRSSA Nevada 2022 Bateman team. PRSSA Nevada would like to introduce the six students who will represent our school in this year’s Bateman competition.

Cove Carlson is in his third year at the University of Nevada, Reno and is currently studying Public Relations through the Renold’s School of Journalism. Cove is originally from Southern California but has grown up around the Reno and Washoe Valley area. After college, he plans to go into a field that allows him to merge his interests of public relations and history. Outside of school Cove enjoys playing his ukulele, hanging out with his friends, and going on hikes.

Sydney Carter is currently a senior at the University of Nevada, Reno, majoring in business with an emphasis in marketing, as well as minoring in journalism. Following graduation in May 2022, she plans to return home to Seattle, WA in hopes of finding a career in marketing and PR. Sydney has always found herself drawn to forming personal relationships with those she meets, and enjoys creating a nurturing environment in which people can thrive professionally and personally, which is why Sydney is so excited to be joining PRSSA and be a part of the Bateman team!

Olive Gineris a junior journalism major with an emphasis in public relations at the University of Nevada, Reno. Throughout their time at the university, Olive has taken every opportunity to stay involved on campus. Olive is a resident assistant at Great Basin Hall, working with Black, LGBTQ+ and Latinx-identifying students. Olive is also the copy editor of The Nevada Sagebrush and represents the Reynolds school by tabling for Nevada Bound. Olive has found a home on campus through their sorority, Kappa Phi Lambda, and is usually spending time with their sisters when they aren't working. Olive is a proud first-generation Filipino-American student and is grateful for the opportunity to apply what they've learned through their on-campus positions on the Bateman team.

Theron Harper is a senior majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations, and a minor in Environmental Studies. Theron is the Vice President for PRSSA Nevada for the 2021-2022 school year. During the 2020 Spring semester, Theron served as Project Manager for Wolf Pack Relations to encourage UNR students to follow Covid-19 safety protocols and promoted getting vaccinated. Theron is a transient, growing up in South Dakota, southeast Missouri, and Madrid. Through traveling and becoming engaged in nonprofit organizations, Theron found a passion for environmental advocacy. Theron hopes to spend their career fighting for environmental and climate justice by providing strategic communications for organizations focused on these issues. Aside from being a student at UNR, Theron enjoys traveling, hanging out with their dog Charlotte, learning languages, and seeing live shows.

Adia Monzon was always drawing, painting, and creating at any chance she got ever since she could remember. There was nothing like the feeling of finishing a piece she worked so hard on and because of this, Adia always thought she would become an artist. That was until her junior year of high school when Adia was placed in a graphic design class. It was her first experience with the Adobe Suites programs and a great opportunity to see how she could take her creativity from my pen or paintbrush to the computer. Adia is always striving to expand her expertise which is why she chose to double major in Journalism and Marketing. The courses Adia has taken have given her the skills to create an insightful campaign, the knowledge of video and design editing, and the ability to be successful in the public relations field. Now that Adia is in her fourth year at the University of Nevada, she still likes to think of herself as an artist but in a different way-- in the art of advertising.

Deja Sonju is a senior at the University of Nevada, Reno majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in PR & Advertising and a minor in Communications. Deja is the VP of Programming for PRSSA Nevada for the 2021-2022 school year. After graduation, her goal is to work for a company that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion alongside other passionate professionals in the field. Also, she plans to earn her graduate degree after relocating. In her pastime, Deja enjoys singing/writing new songs, dancing, and hanging out with friends.

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