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Our favorite tips from PRSA ICON 2021

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Brand yourself in a box - Figure out your niche. Ask yourself: What industry are you interested in? Do you want to work in an agency or in-house? What skills do you want to use?

Radical Transparency - Things will go wrong, you may become involved in a PR nightmare. Stakeholders want transparency from companies and organizations today. Put the story out there as soon as you can so you can build trust and show your side of the story. The faster people are let in, the faster you can find the solution.

Take a Stance - Picking a side on a social issue is often better for a brand than remaining silent. Advocacy is now a major role in brands' marketing plans. Consumers, employees, and other stakeholders demand more inclusivity in general.

Wash your dishes after you eat - Think about transitions and don't burn bridges, someone you know now could help you in your career later. Have all your files and contacts in order before turning in your notice and use all of your benefits!

Accessibility By Design - About 15% of people globally has some form of disability. Make your communications accessible and receive positive attitudes and actions towards your brand. Check out the Accessible Communications Guidelines for more.

You're there to solve a problem - Take initiative and come up with ideas. Instead of saying "I don’t know what to do", offer a solution and ask for input.

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