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PRSSA Nevada's Statement Regarding George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Movement

The enraging, yet all too familiar, murder of George Floyd and countless others has left America stunned, angered and appalled. George Floyd is yet another Black man dying at the hands of unneeded police brutality. As protests erupt across the United States and internationally, police officers are meeting peaceful assemblies with excessive force, making a heartbreaking situation even worse. On behalf of our entire Executive Board, we send our deepest condolences to the victims’ families, injured protesters, and all those affected by police brutality.

PRSSA Nevada stands with the Black community and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. As professional communicators, it is our job to not only speak out against injustice but also know when to step aside and allow other voices to be heard. We, at PRSSA, do not aim to speak for the Black community, but rather hope to enhance our allyship with the Black community. As allies, it is our responsibility to listen, learn and act against injustice. It is no longer enough to be non-racist. Support for the Black community must extend long beyond tragic events. . It is essential that we continue to actively be anti-racist. From educating and participating in discussions, to donating and protesting, it is important to recognize and participate in different forms of activism.

Below are several ways to help the BLM movement:


National BLM Fund

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

The Bail Project

Vegas Freedom Fund


NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund


Justice for George Floyd


Justice for Breonna Taylor

I Want Sandra Bland’s Case Reopened

Black-owned Reno Businesses:

Audacity Beauty Parlor

Sola Salon Studios

M&M’s Southern Cafe

Onestar Photography- Contact Tony Montgomery

Tabu’s of Reno Barber Lounge

Unbeweaveable Beauty

Waxing the City, Reno


National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Reno/Sparks Branch

Northern Nevada Black Culture Awareness Society (NNBCAS)


This List is Anti-Racist

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