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Former PRSSA Nevada Member Earns Certificate in Principles of Public Relations (CPPR)

Melanie Sanchez-Hernandez, Reynold’s School of Journalism (RSJ) graduate and former PRSSA Nevada member, has successfully completed the Examination for the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations (CPPR).

*Melanie Sanchez-Hernandez is a May 2020 graduate from RSJ

The CPPR is an entry-level certificate designed to demonstrate exceptional knowledge of public relations principles from graduates entering the public relations profession. This certificate helps graduates stand out in a competitive hiring process.

“I feel grateful to have had this opportunity to continue furthering my knowledge during such uncertain times,” said Sanchez-Hernandez. “I want to celebrate the little accomplishments in my career as I still navigate this unpredictable job market. I encourage my fellow graduates to continue furthering their skills in any way they can to stay sharp in this field.” 

Sanchez-Hernandez is currently freelancing for public relations agencies in southern Nevada and hopes this certificate will set her apart for a full-time position in the industry.

Sanchez-Hernandez graduated from the University of Nevada Reno’s Reynold’s School of Journalism (RSJ) in May 2020 where she was recognized as the Outstanding Public Relations Student of the Year. During her time at the RSJ, she was the Account Executive for the University of Nevada, Reno’s 2020 Battle Born Bateman Team, leading a group of four students on a one-month campaign to increase participation in the Nevada Census among college students and Latino families with children. The team’s efforts earned a national honorable mention.

*Sanchez-Hernandez and the rest of the Battle Born Bateman Team. From left to right: Molly Appleby, Regina Flores, Melanie Sanchez-Hernandez, Rachel Ribeiro.

She is the eighth University of Nevada, Reno graduate to earn the CPPR. According to the Public Relations Society of America’s website, more than 320 students from 56 universities and colleges nationwide have earned the certificate, making Sanchez-Hernandez a standout in the public relations field.

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